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BezoMoney offers a digital savings platform called BezoSusu that helps you save effectively, receive bulk capital through group savings and build a savings and credit history to access formal financial services.

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We provide a digital wallet for personal savings and for group savings. Our mission is to empower people financially through their way of life by facilitating upward social mobility using digital financial technologies.

BezoMoney Features

We are building upon your existing
savings culture to help you create wealth.

More About Us

1. Personal savings

Our personal savings feature enables you to set savings goals and save conveniently and securely towards them using your preferred mobile money wallet.

2. Group savings

Our group savings feature enables you to create a group, set group savings goals and invite group members to save towards them using their preferred mobile money wallets.

3. Value-added packages

We enable access to formal financial services based on your savings history. Saving with us is a journey towards upward social mobility and growth. With you in mind, we provide all the financial services you need along the way.

4. Pay-as-you-go services

We enable you to make payments for products and services in full or in installments. This includes purchasing inventory and paying for school fees.
With a good BezoScore, you will enjoy benefits such as discounts on your payments.

BezoMoney Values

Why BezoMoney?

Accountability of members

You can choose between initiating deposits by yourself or allowing scheduled automatic deductions of funds from your mobile money wallet. We will send you SMS reminders to keep your personal or group deposits up to date

Security of savings

By eliminating the need to save using cash, you are able to make transactions using e-money. Our secure authentication methods which include One-Time Passwords (OTPs) and BezoPINs ensure that all transactions are secured.

Transparency of transactions

You receive SMS and pop-up notifications to confirm all personal and group transactions. We provide a decentralized and real-time record system that records all transactions and you can request to view records of previous transactions

Build online record history

Users are able to enhance their BezoScores by saving consistently to access formal financial services through our partners

Our Products


Our BezoSusu platform allows you to create personal and group savings goals, famously known as “Susu”, where you can save daily, weekly, monthly or anytime. After registering, dial *713*12# and select option 1 for personal savings or option 2 for group savings.

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We developed our pricing with you in mind.

We charge a 2% fee on your total savings goal. This fee enables us maintain the platform to ensure that we can continue to provide our services to you. Our aim is to make the platform completely free for you to save in the next few years.


We know you have questions about BezoMoney and we have provided some answers to help you make an informed decision about saving with us. If you need further clarification on any of our responses, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you. 

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Do you have a license?

Yes, please. BezoSusu is operated under Bezo Susu Enterprise with a provisional license from the Ghana Co-operative Susu Collectors Association (GCSCA) which allows us to mobilize deposits from users until a final Tier-4 Operating License for microfinance activities is issued to us by the Bank of Ghana in the next few months.

Where would my money be saved?

The money will be saved with our partner financial institution.

Is the USSD secure?

Yes, it is very secure. Your BezoPIN prevents anyone from being able to access your account. Make sure you do not share your BezoPIN with others.

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